Book Review: Dying to Live: Life Sentence (Dying to Live series) #2


Author: Kim Paffenroth
Release date: October 15th 2008
Date read: June 15th – 20th 2015
Book format: Ebook
Star rating: 2 out of 5

Synopsis on Goodreads
At the end of the world a handful of survivors banded together in a museum-turned-compound surrounded by the living dead. The community established rituals and rites of passage, customs to keep themselves sane, to help them integrate into their new existence. In a battle against a kingdom of savage prisoners, the survivors lost loved ones, they lost innocence, but still they coped and grew. They even found a strange peace with the undead. Twelve years later the community has reclaimed more of the city and has settled into a fairly secure life in their compound.

Zoey is a girl coming of age in this undead world, learning new roles — new sacrifices. But even bigger surprises lie in wait, for some of the walking dead are beginning to remember who they are, whom they’ve lost, and, even worse, what they’ve done. As the dead struggle to reclaim their lives, as the survivors combat an intruding force, the two groups accelerate toward a collision that could drastically alter both of their world.


I didn’t expect this book to give me much, after the fiasco with the first in the series, so i wasn’t extremely disappointed in this. The plot however was a massive let down. I have read some good zombie books which feature the plot of a zombie that can think but overall, it’s a massive overrated plot line which ruined this book for me..especially when he writing isn’t as good, and there’s literally no massive character death.

When i read a zombie book, i expect there to be blood and gore because that’s what zombie books are about. I want characters that have been newly introduced, who i can get attached to, who get an arm chewed. I want a zombie book that has characters in risk of being killed by zombies. What i don’t want is a zombie book in which the only beings in the book which are inflicting pain are human thugs. I don’t want any thinking zombies, or zombies who don’t realise they are zombies, there’s no pleasure in that.

Being the kind of reader that doesn’t like to live a series unfinished when there is only one book left, i am going to read the final book and hope that there is some zombie munching action.


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