Book Review: What We Salvage (Netgallery)


Author: David Baillie
Release date: July 21st 2015
Date read: July 5th  – August 9th 2015
Book format: Ebook
Star rating: 2 and a half out of 5

Synopsis on Goodreads
Skinheads. Drug dealers. Cops. For two brothers-of-circumstance navigating the violent streets of this industrial wasteland, every urban tribe is a potential threat. Yet it is amongst the denizens of these unforgiving alleys, dangerous squat houses, and underground nightclubs that the brothers-and the small street tribe to which they belong-forge the bonds that will see them through senseless minor cruelties, the slow and constant grind of poverty, and savage boot culture violence. Friendship. Understanding. Affinity. For two brothers, these fragile ties are the only hope they have for salvation in the wake of a mutual girlfriend’s suicide, an event so devastating that it drives one to seek solace far from his steel city roots, and the other to a tragic-yet miraculous-transformation, a heartbreaking metamorphosis from poet and musician to street prophet, emerging from a self-imposed cocoon an urban shaman, mad-eyed shaper of (t)ruthless reality.

I was given this book from Netgallery in exchange for an honest review

I’m going to be honest here, i have no idea where to start with this review. Throughout this book i had no idea what the plot was, even when i had to re-read the description to get a sense, but that could be because for the past month i have been non stop reading about Colour for my dissertation.  The suicide of a mutual girlfriend that was supposed to get this whole plot moving didn’t actually happen til about 75/80% through the book, which for me seems like a pointless thing to do because there is no way for you to understand what Jimmy and the Main character were feeling in that last 25%. I might have enjoyed the book a little more if i haven’t been busy with my university art theory/Reflective Case Study stuff but i started the book at the wrong time and was too far through it to consider stopping reading. I may consider buying the book and giving it a re-read in the future.


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