Book Review: Tortured Life (Netgallery)


Author: Dan Watters, Neil Gibson – Casper and Jan Wijngaard (Illustraters)
Release date: September 22nd 2015 

Date read: August 10th – 13th 2015
Book format: Ebook (Adobe Digital Editions)
Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Synopsis on Goodreads
Richard is having a bad year. He’s lost his job, lost his girlfriend, put on weight… and developed the ability to see the deaths of everyone around him. Plagued by horrific premonitions, he decides to end it all, but there are old and powerful forces at work that have their own plans for his power. Pitched into a world of eldritch horror that lurks just beneath the surface of London’s civilized veneer, the only chance Richard has of finding peace is to unravel the mysteries of his own past. He’s having a really, really bad year

I received this from Netgallery in exchange for an honest review

I don’t know how else to start with this review other than I FRICKING LOVED THIS COMIC. I’ve only recently gotten into comics/graphic novels and such and as my first official reading of one i was not disappointed. I like horror/gore (mainly in books/comics/manga) and boy did this comic deliver, the whole comic has a dark aura and theme which is pointed out on the very first page which is a good thing, sets the whole ball rolling so you’re not shocked half way through. The art for Tortured Life is beautifully done, i want to send a million Kudos’s to Casper and Jan Wijngaard for their amazing illustrations throughout. He also does the illustration work for the Twisted Dark, Tabitha and Twisted Light comic/graphic novels

Tortured life is heading straight to my own comic/graphic novel collection when i can conjure up the money to buy it.


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