Book Review: Normal


Author: Graeme Cameron
Release date: 2015
Dates read: April 7th – 16th 2016
Book format: Paperback
Star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Synopsis on Goodreads
This is a love story. No, really.

He lives in your community, in a nice house with a well-tended garden. He shops in your grocery store, bumping shoulders with you as you pass him and apologizing with a smile. He drives beside you on the highway, politely waving to let you into the lane ahead of him.

What you don’t know is that he has an elaborate cage built into a secret basement under his garage. And the food that he’s carefully shopping for is to feed a young woman he’s holding there against her will–one in a string of many, unaware of the fate that awaits her.

This is how it’s been for a long time. It’s normal…and it works. Perfectly.

Then he meets the checkout girl from the 24-hour grocery. And now the plan, the hunts, the room…the others. He doesn’t need any of them anymore. He needs only her. One small problem–he still has someone trapped in his garage.

Discovering his humanity couldn’t have come at a worse time.


Normal is a crime book that is written in the p.o.v of a serial killer, who remains nameless throughout the book. We follow him on his murdeous journey of stalking/killing/kidnapping his prey, learning his apparent fool proof strategy.

I found this to be a brilliant book, i’m not too big with the crime books and found the concept of a book written in the view of a serial killer to be interesting. The character kept me immersed in the book, despite not having a name , which is something that is quite difficult.

When the plot of the book had made the ending quite apparent ( no spoilers will be revealed) i still found myself excited about what was going to happen. Because even though i had the general idea behind it, i wanted to know how it was going to be pulled off.  When he meets Rachael, the 24hr grocery check out girl, you do get the sense of ‘Oh, it’s obvious he’s going to stop the serial killing’ but even with that mind set, i was not deterred from the book.

Overall i found the book to be real interesting, and i’m glad that i managed to pick it up. Probably one of the better books that i’ve found in a charity shop.



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