All about me

Hello! I’m Jade, a 22 year old British girl who loves tea too much and eats unhealthy amounts of mac and cheese.

I’m a graduate BA(Hons) Fine Artist who’s moving up in the educational world by doing a part time 2 year Masters Fine Art degree from Oct 2016 – 2018

I’m not great when it comes to reviewing books, i usually just read a book and move onto the next one, so i started this blog to help me become a better reviewer! And also to hopefully improve my writing because let me tell you writing a 5000 word case study on self-portraiture was a nightmare when you apparently can’t write well.

There are many things that i love apart from reading: Youtube such as Shane Dawson, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye. My adorable 8 cats, some would say that’s too much but being the crazy cat lady i am, 8 is clearly not enough. And of course my art.


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