Book Review: RAKER


Author: Christopher A. Gray
Release date: September 9th 2014
Dates read: April 23rd 2015
Book format: ebook
Star rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Synopsis on Goodreads

1. noun
Remote Armed Kinesthetic Engagement & Reconnaissance android, used primarily by Fire Departments and Police Departments in the United States. RAKERs are deployed for rescue, bomb disposal, and other tasks which are deemed too dangerous for humans. Some models are being manufactured for the armed forces to serve as offensive battlefield weapons.

Christopher A. Gray’s RAKER follows an incident one evening when Dr. Norman Stravinsky sends his RAKER android out to deliver a sensitive file to a colleague. When it encounters a crime in progress, the android must decide whether to interrupt its primary duties as bodyguard to Stravinsky in order to prevent the crime from continuing. The decision results in a confrontation between itself and the Seattle Police Department.


RAKER is a free short read that i aquired from the Kobo website. With only 57 pages this was doable in 30 minutes. I decided to pick this one up as it’s been a while since i’ve read short stories. This one was good, but not good enough. This book i believe is a companion to Dark Nights, which while i found this one to be lacking, i will try and read Dark Nights.

The reason why i gave this 2 stars ( I go by the Goodreads star ratings. 2 = It was Ok) was because there wasn’t enough of a story. It was as if someone just pulled out a chapter of a book and published just that chapter. Also the synopsis pretty much tells you the ENTIRE story so there really wasn’t much point reading the book. However, i didn’t read the synopsis before i read this so there was some mystery left.

This was good for a short read, despite the lack of mystery that the book offered. I would recommend that anyone gives this a try, because hell, why not.


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